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Seal Scarer

The Seal Scarer is an acoustic seal repellent system. The sound produced by the Seal Scarer has been proved effective in keeping seal at a good distance from fish farms etc.

The system consists of a control unit and a transducer (sound head). The control unit contains a pulse generator and an amplifier and transmits random bursts of audio frequency signals to the transducer, where they are converted into intense sound. This sound is on a frequency, which is extremely unpleasant for seal.

Seal scarer’s technical data:
• Power consumption: approx 0.4A/12V
• Sound pressure: Approx. 189dB/mP/m
• Range: Approx. 300m (radius from the transducer/sound head)
• Coverage area: 280.000 sq. metres

Experiments have shown that the sound is not 100% impenetrable for seal, and that given sufficient motivation they can bear the sound for short periods
The size of the waterproof box is 60 x 30 x 40cm wide.



As many facilities are mounted some distance from shore, laying out a power cable to the seal scarer is often unpractical.
Instead the marine battery supplies the required power. This battery needs of course recharging, and with a battery capacity of 70-75Ah, the recharge intervals are 3-4 days.


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