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Underwater Net Washing System


 Compact unit for underwater cleaning of nets.
The most efficient and environmentally friendly net washing system for aquaculture.

Consisting of:

· Autoclean netwasher (3,5 or 7 disc head)
· Diesel, hydraulic or electrical motor aggregate
· Drum with 50m high-pressure hose.
· Hand gun
· Quick release couplings for turbo and normal nozzles.
· Seawater intake filter.


The netwasher head is constructed from extra light non –corrosive aluminum.

- Low friction gives increased operating speed!

- 850mm, 1050mm or 1250mm washing width with 3,5 or 7 disc head!




The unit can be easily operated by 1 person and can clean two 60m circumference – 12m deep heavily dirty nets in one working day.

Small mussels and barnacles can easily be removed.

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