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Big success for Flexipanel

Harvesting only commercial size bream and bass from non-graded cage populations has recently become a common practice for many fish farmers in Greece, Turkey and the Arab gulf with the help of Flexipanel.
Price differences of more than 1 Euro per kilogram between grades B (200-300gr) and A (300-400gr) have challenged Proteus S. A. and Grading Systems (UK) to introduce Flexipanel as a selective harvesting tool.
After a series of trials and a systematic analysis of the results, the right aperture dimensions were estimated for the selective harvesting Flexipanels.
The percentage of B and C grades among the harvested fish is sinking spectacularly, to practically ignorable levels!
A lot of Mediterranean farmers have taken advantage of this innovation, enjoying a very quick pay-back of the Sweep net investment, in some cases from one or two cages only!
Unfortunately the aperture dimensions are not identical for bream and bass for the same grading weight, meaning that different panels need to be used for the same size bream and bass.
Proteus SA has the experience to suggest the right dimensioning of the Flexipanel and the sweep net depending on the individual grading application.
Flexipanel is a patented product of Grading Systems (UK). Proteus SA has the exclusive marketing rights of this product for the Mediterranean and the Arab countries.

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Big success for Flexipanel

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