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Proteus sole distributor for Flexipanel TM in Mediterranean and Arab countries

PROTEUS S.A. has recently come to an agreement with GRADING SYSTEMS UK, undertaking exclusive sales distribution of FlexipanelTM in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, France, Italy, the Northern African and the Arabian Gulf countries

Although FlexipanelTM had already been in use very successfully in the salmon business in several countries, there was a lot of skepticism for its application in the sea bream and sea bass farming, especially for the sea bass, as this species is considered to get stressed very easily.

A series of trials conducted at Nireus SA farms in Chios, Greece, with a 10X3m FlexipanelTM mounted on a sweep net made by Proteus, have shown that FlexipanelTM is fully applicable for both fish species and that sea bream and sea bass farmers can take full advantage of it.
Due to it’s unique rotating construction, FlexipanelTM has proven to allow size gradings with no stress and zero (0) damages, also for the sea-bass!

Extensive information on FlexipanelTM can be found at: www.gradingsystems.com

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Proteus sole distributor for Flexipanel TM in Mediterranean and Arab countries
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